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Master Thorn wins Diamond Ring

October 7th, 2017 – Master Nathan Thorn, 38, of Lake Elmo owns and operates The Edge Martial Arts in Stillwater, MN. He is one of the most successful Sport Martial Arts competitors to compete in the state. He has won 3 World Champion Titles one while competing on Team USA in 2014 in Dublin, Ireland. In 30 years of training Thorn has competed in hundreds of events and won over 50 Grand Champion Titles. The Edge is littered with trophies and awards from all over the nation. With all of his accomplishments he has always had on award on his checklist that he had never crossed off the Diamond Nationals Diamond Ring. The Diamond Nationals has been voted the #1 tournament in North America by Black Belt Magazine as well as competitors across the nation. The tournament draws talent from all over the world each year to the Minneapolis area. The event has been held right here in Minnesota since its beginning. Thorn has attended this event every year since 1988 and as a young child watched these elite athletes come into town to compete for this coveted ring. Since the beginning this award was put on Thorns checklist of things to accomplish. Many years have come and gone where Thorn would compete at the event and come up short. In 2015 Thorn was injured at the WKC World Championships while kicking he torn his Labral Superior in his hip and at the age of 36 this could have meant that the dream of taking home the ring would never happen. Two years have gone by since then and the slow rehab process has finally brought his hip back to the level needed to compete at the top level. On Saturday, October 7th, 2017 Thorn won his division, won his Weight Grand Championship and then won his fight for the Diamond Ring. Years of not giving up on a dream had finally come true. Thorn is now training to compete on Team USA his November at the WKC World Championships and is planning on retiring from competition following that event.

“Master Thorn's expertise in Karate has made him a great instructor for kids and adults. Not only do participants learn Karate, but they are taught discipline, focus, respect and are awarded for their achievments. Nathan has a great repore when working with the young kids. I highly recommend the The Edge Martial Arts Karate School in Stillwater MN.”
“My wife and I first met Nathan Thorn when we enrolled our son in Karate. We were immediately impressed with his ability to work with young children, teaching them not only the fundamental skills of the sport, but also the less tangible qualities of discipline, respect and a positive attitude. We realized that this was an activity we would enjoy as well, and soon my wife and I were both signed up, gaining the benefits of the physical workout and enjoying the mental challenge of learning the specifics of the sport. Nathan is that exceptional individual who is not only an expert himself, but who can also teach the art to others. He also has the rare ability to be an effective teacher to all age groups—young children, teens and adults. If you’re looking for a positive, effective karate instructor for yourself or your children, Nathan Thorn is your man.”
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