How can the Martial Arts change your life?

The Martial Arts provide many benefits some that are obvious and some that at first glance are not apparent to many people.

What benefits would help you in life


Students learn Discipline through the repetition of skills over and over to perfect their understanding and ability to accomplish the skill in a self-defense situation. We simple rules, but they are absolute. Be on time, Be Respectful, Be Focused, Try your best. These simple rules help students develop self-discipline which pours over into everyday life.


Respect is a corner stone of the Martial Arts. We have cultivated a community of Martial Arts students who all respect each other regardless of age or rank. This type of community attracts like thinking individuals and makes a great place to train.


Learning a new skill set and accomplishing goals you set in life can be very empowering. Students start with basic skills which we build on at each level. Stacking the skills in the skills in the curriculum in this manner make it easier to learn. Developing these skills will also create confidence in situations where you may feel threatened.


Everyone in life can use a little more focus whether it be on an immediate task or long term goal. We work on staying focused on our short, mid, and long term goals in class. We also work on learning to focus with our Eyes, Thoughts, Ears, and Body.


One of the basic human needs to to Belong. The Edge gives students a place where to belong to something bigger than themselves. Sometimes kids and adults alike need something to belong to where they have support of others and a way to feel like they're not alone.


Martial Arts training can be one of the best calorie and muscle toning workouts you can do. The stabilization used in every class build core muscles needed for balance and coordination. High energy classes where we keep our bodies moving is a great way to burn those unwanted calories.


Physical alternations are an unfortunate part of life sometimes. We train students to avoid conflict, but we also train students who to use their skills to remove a threat in front of them to protect themselves or their family's if danger does arrive.


We firmly believe that everyone should develop leadership skills. Our students complete a leadership training course before earning their Black Belt. These leaderships skills and training will be used in everyday life from home to the work place.


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